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 About ElectriCab

ElectriCab Technologies was founded in 2002, and is a leader in the development and delivery of mainstream zero-emission solutions to the electric vehicle marketplace.

Technology Achievements

  • Successfully registered, licensed and insured electric taxi for industry service, 2003
  • Successfully designed & rapid charged EV battery module in 5 ˝ minutes, 2007
  • Drove electric taxi 428 miles in 24 hrs, Dec. 2009
  • Drove electric taxi 907 miles in 24 hrs, July 2010
  • Successfully designed & rapid charged EV battery module at 750 amps, 2010
  • Designed EV battery module capable of rapid charging at >3,000 amps, 2011


Robert Kittell, P.E.
Chairman, ElectriCab Technologies

Robert Kittell, P.E. is a licensed Professional Engineer and Management Consultant specializing in Global Solutions for Complex Optimization Initiatives. He has been featured by PE Magazine as one of America’s “Innovative Engineers Driving Change that’s Revolutionary” (July, 2011). He has successfully managed and implemented major international projects with budgets up to $62M.

Mr. Kittell is a leader in the field of electric vehicle transportation and rapid charging infrastructure, and has several zero-emission product development programs to his credit. Mr. Kittell has recently authored a comprehensive research report on charging infrastructure for electric vehicle fleets, and has been a prominent voice in the insistence on economic viability for alternative fuel vehicles. He is an innovator in the development of extended range battery packs, production electric vehicles, rapid charging infrastructure, market incubation and the compelling economics that comprise the “contemporaneous optimization” approach to mainstreaming zero emission transportation solutions.